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Smoke in Wood Pellet Hopper During Shutdown Cycle

Smoke may begin to rise from the pellets in the hopper if there is a backburn running up the auger feed tube to the firepot. Smoke may occur because of wood dust, running the grill at a high temperature and constantly opening the lid, having too much ash in the firepot, or turning the grill from High immediately to the Shut Down Cycle. Turn your controller dial to Smoke and open the grill and hopper lids to release the smoke. If the smoke has stopped after 10 minutes, turn the grill to the Shut Down Cycle. If not, remove all pellets and run the controller on High until all pellets have cleared the auger tube. Return the unit to the Shut Down Cycle, then do a thorough cleaning of all pellets and ash. Complete the initial startup procedure to prime the auger tube with pellets for normal operation.

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