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What Causes Extreme Hot Spots?

In general, the reasons and solutions of extreme hot spots is below:

  • Extra Large Pans

Using baking sheets or large pans that cover most of the bottom grill grate will disrupt airflow. All pans should leave at least one inch open on all sides to allow for proper airflow.

  • Drip Tray Liners & Foil

If you are using aluminum foil to cover your trip tray, make sure the foil does not go over the edge of the tray as this can obstruct the grill’s airflow.

Aluminum foil can have folds that collect grease. These grease pools maintain a high heat, creating hot spots. And make sure your foil covering does not have any wrinkles where grease can pool.

  • Firepot

While the grill is cool and unplugged, check the firepot for a buildup of ash, holes, rusted areas, or any other damage. Clean the firepot of extra pellets and ash. If there is damage to the firepot, contact Customer Support.

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