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Are these electric grills?

A dedicated electric smoker will use significantly more electricity than a pellet grill/smoker.

A pellet grill/smoker requires electricity to operate. That means they must be plugged into a standard outlet for the controller, fans, and auger to work properly, so you should plan to keep yours in a location close to a power source. If you intend to use your pellet cooker on a deck or another setting with no direct access to an outlet, some models can run on a high-amp extension cord. Keep in mind that this capability is highly model-specific and that every brand has different specifications. For that reason, our experts highly recommend you always plug your pellet smoker directly into an outlet.

During operation, your Z Grill will run between 50W and 250W, with the maximum rated power draw at 300W. If you’re planning to use your grill outdoors with a generator or a car battery, a 400W 240V AC output is sufficient.

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