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How to Remove & Replace Pellets Quickly?

The step-by-step of removing your old pellets:

  1. Position the bucket on the ground slightly behind the hopper since the pellets will fall from the back.
  2. Open the pellet release door to allow the pellets to drop out into the bucket.
  3. There’s a possibility that you might have to scoop out any pellets remaining in the hopper. This could be necessary if your grill isn’t on a level surface, which won’t allow the pellets to funnel properly.
  4. Once the pellets are out, secure the top of the bucket with a lid and store them in a cool, dry place.

Replace the new pellets into your hopper:

  1. Add fresh pellets to the hopper. 
  2. Set the grill to High until pellets begin to fall into the firepot. If your grill has the Prime function (for the Wi-Fi series), press and hold the Prime button until pellets fall into the firepot. If your grill has the Feed function (for 700D3, 700D4E, 7002F, 7002F2, 450B), press and hold the Feed button until pellets begin to fall into the firepot.

Turn the Temperature Dial to SHUT DOWN CYCLE and let it cool down. Next, put components back in place, open the lid, and turn the Temperature Dial to SMOKE. Wait a few minutes until you see whitish-gray smoke coming out of the grill, then close the lid and turn the Temperature Dial to any cooking setting desired.

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