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The controller screen shows an error (Er1, Er2, LEr and HEr)

See our video on basic operating steps to understand what each error message means.

Er1: Temperature Sensor Failure.

  • Er1 occurs if the signal from the grill temperature sensor fails. This can occur for a number of reasons:
    • Sensor wiring connection on back of controller is loose;
    • Sensor cable is damaged;
    • Sensor plug is loose;
    • Grill temperature sensor is faulty.
  • Ensure that the Temperature Sensor cable plug is properly connected, and the sensor cable connection is tight on the controller board’s blue terminal block. If your grill is still not working, contact support for a replacement of the temperature probe.

Er2: Incorrect Startup Setting.

  • If the ER2 disappears after these steps, there is nothing to worry about as this is just a default setting by manufacture. To resolve the ER2 error on your first initiation of the grill.
    • 1. Plug it in
    • 2. Dial should be on SMOKE by default
    • 3. Flip the switch and the display shows “ER2”
    • 4. Turn the dial back to SHUT DOWN CYCLE and turn it back to SMOKE setting
    • 5. Error code should be gone and the grill starts working

LEr: Low Temperature Error

  • This message displays when the grill’s internal temperature has been below 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. The grill may have run out of pellets, or the ignition rod may not be operating. For a low temp issue, please follow below:
    • Check how long the hot rod sticks out, which should be at least 1/2 inch. If not, you can loosen the screws and pull it out, as attached pic.
    • Please turn on the grill and set at 275F for 2 minutes then to 450°F for half an hour, see if the temp will rise. If not, turn the dial to shut down cycle and then turn it back on see if the temperature will go up.
    • Take off the foil if you use it to cover the grease pan, as it will affect the temp going up to the upper part of the chamber . *A thermo blanket may help if the above doesn’t not work.
  • The main reason of LEr is the auger didn’t turn or the hot rod was unable to establish fire.

HEr: High-temperature alert

  •  It will be triggered if the grill reaches 550F. When turning the grill On, the dial is supposed to still be at “Shut Down”. Turning the switch On with the dial at any other position would appear the HEr code.
    • Whether it’s a loose wire, please check to see that the plastic plug on the RTD probe wire in-between the barrel and hopper isn’t melted. Try cleaning the probe also. 
    • Make sure your stack cap hasn’t gotten lowered or pressed down on one side. That will keep too much heat in as well. Try to higher the cap of the chimney to let more heat comes out from the grill.
    • Please check if there are lots of ashes inside the firepot. 
    • If you have already cleaned out the ashes and higher the chimney cap, please try to open the lid and let the grill cool down for a while, then start the grill again. 
  • The root cause will be either the controller is broken or there is excessive ash and residual pellets within the firepot.

View the video to learn about the error codes of the pellet grill.

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