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What is the correct way to cook on the grill?

Z Grills stand out from traditional gas BBQ grills because you don’t need to babysit your food! In fact, opening the lid over and over to check on your food can cause temperature fluctuations, causing your food to take longer to cook.

  1. Ensure that the control dial is in the Shut Down Cycle position before turning on the power switch.
  2. Open the grill lid and turn the controller dial to Smoke. Once you see lots of smoke, close the lid and set the desired temperature, which is any setting from Smoke (160 degrees) to High (450 degrees).
  3. Wait for the selected temperature to be reached before putting your food on the grill.
  4. Be sure the lid stays closed while cooking!
  5. Use food probes to monitor the internal temperature of your food; different foods can require different internal temperatures to be considered safe to eat.
  6. Enjoy the best meats and veggies you’ve ever had from the best grill you’ve ever owned!
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