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Can heating wood pellets be used?

No! Wood pellets for heating are not suitable for use in pellet grills as they are not designed for food use. Some heating pellets are made of woods such as pine and spruce, which will ruin the taste of your food. They also may include binding agents, fillers, or additives which can pose a health risk when used for cooking your food. To ensure both the safety and flavor of your food, only use food-grade hardwood pellets designed for pellet smokers to ensure both the safety and flavor of your food.

However, not all wood pellets for cooking are created equal. Always use high-quality hardwood pellets. Some pellets with high moisture content are unable to reach the set temperature and may cause fire-out issues. We recommend Z Grills pellets that are tried, tested, and approved by the Z Grills community.

Why Z Grills pellets? Z Grills pellets are made of pure hardwood, kiln-dried, and compressed using only heat and pressure. Free of flavorings, fillers, binders, or additives, they ignite fast, burn cleanly, and create little ash. No matter what you’re cooking with your Z Grills pellet grill, our wide range of pellet flavors has got you covered.

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