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What does a pellet grill flameout mean?

There are 5 main reasons and solutions:

  • Power supply interruption – At the core of how a pellet grill/works is a consistent supply of electricity to power the auger/fan, heat up the hot rod igniter and power the control panel. Well, any disruption to the supply of power will interfere with how a pellet grill functions. A short duration of power loss may not cause significant issues, but always read the individual manufacturer/model instructions on how to proceed after a loss of power or contact our Z Grills support team.
  • Poor quality pellets (lots of fines/dust and/or high moisture content) – Wood pellets are a compressed form of natural wood, however, when a pellet is exposed to moisture it will break apart. Keep your pellets away from liquid water and they will last forever then, right? No, pellets can still go bad, it’s important to appreciate there is water in the air (humidity) and over time pellets exposed to circulating air will absorb humidity and start to break down. You can read our article on how to store wood pellets currently.
  • Empty pellet hopper or hopper bridging/hulling – This is where there can still be pellets in the hopper they have just stopped dropping into the auger. So, what are the causes of this bridging/hulling issue? Well, sometimes it’s a poor hopper design where the slopes at the bottom of the hopper are too shallow so the pellets stop sliding into the hopper. Please contact our support team to get the support.
  • High speed/gusty wind around the pellet grill/smoker – If you know you are going to be doing a ‘low and slow’ cook at a low temperature with a small fire really think about the position/location of the pellet grill/smoker. However, try and position the pellet grill/smoker so it is somewhat sheltered from high wind speeds/gusts of wind directly impacting the grill. First off, a heavy gust of wind could cause a flameout of a small fire. Second, a really strong gust of wind may even tip your expensive pellet grill over!
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