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What is the difference between Z Grills 700D3 and Z Grills 700D4E (700D3)?

The differences are in the color and the lid material.

Choosing between them is not just a matter of color preference. Z Grills 700D4E is built with a stainless steel lid and the Z Grills 700D3 has a high-temperature, powder-coat steel lid. Stainless steel lids and powder-coat steel lids are commonly seen on pellet grills and they each have their own advantages.

The stainless steel material boasts excellent heat retention, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and durability with no paint to fade, flake, or fail. While the heavy-duty steel lid features a powder-coat finish to resist high temperatures. It cleans easily to maintain a vibrant, new appearance.

For most grillers, grills with a high-temperature, powder-coat steel lid are sufficient to stand heavy daily use. But if you would like to have a more high-end version and expect your grill to offer maximum temperature consistency in cold weather, the 700D4E is your best choice.

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