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HER High Temp Error

Z Grills Errors Overview

  • The Z Grills controller has 4 errors that can be displayed:
  • LEr = Low Temperature Error
  • HEr = High Temperature Error
  • Er1 = Temperature Sensor Connection Error
  • Er2 = Grill Controller Error

What is HER:

The HER occurs if the temperature sensor inside the grill reads higher than 287ºC/550 ºF, indicating an excessively large fire in the firepot or incorrect sensor reading. The grill will automatically shut down if an HER occurs.

Note: Always open the grill lid before completing any troubleshooting of an HER.

2 Main Reasons:

  • HER – During high temperature operation

The HER error can occur when running that grill at a high temperature setting with the lid open too much. Leaving the lid open for several minutes on a high temperature setting will result in lots of pellets being fed into the firepot. Once the lid is shut the temperature can increase to a very high-level triggering HER.

  • HER – No baffle over fire-pot

HER will easily occur if the grill is operated without the baffle over the firepot. Very high temperature air will blow over the temperature sensor and cause the high temperature error.

Never operate the grill with an uncovered firepot and the lid shut as in addition to causing an HER error the paint inside the grill drum could be burnt.

An exception to this guidance is if a cast iron hotplate is placed directly above the firepot for high temperature searing. In this case the baffle can be removed but be aware that there is still potential for HER to occur as the heat is not being evenly distributed around the grill as normal.

  • HER – Occurring randomly

If the HER errors occur randomly, not only during very high temperature operation, but it may also be an issue with the temperature sensor inside the grill, or its wired connection.

Here are 2 solutions:

Solution 1. Check the temperature sensor connection:

Use a screwdriver to gently lift the cable out from between the hopper and grill and check to ensure the plug is tight (older 450A models do not have a plug)

  1. Unplug the grill from power
  2. Remove the two screws that secure the controller in place
  3. Gently pull out the controller enough to locate the two thin white wires into the small green or blue terminal block.
  4. Check to ensure they are both tightly in place (gently tug on them)

Solution 2. Replacement Parts:

If the above investigations do not solve the HER problem, please submit a support request so our team can organize a replacement Grill Temperature Sensor Probe to be provided.

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